The Devil Went To Concord

The Devil went to Concord;
He was there to raise some hell
With Satanic clothes and music
And with drugs and porn to sell
He would fill young hearts with evil things
Like envy, lust, and hate…
He was climbing up the High School steps
When something whispered, “Wait!”

A mom was in the doorway,
Praying loudly, arms outstretched—
Asking Jesus Christ’s protection
Which the students thought farfetched
What an antiquated notion—
It’s as obsolete as sin
But with Jesus in the doorway
Surely Satan can’t come in

That’s the way some people saw it
And they loved the mother’s zeal
If the school had no objections,
Then perhaps the tale was real
But some others in the district
Find the spectacle quite odd,
Cos the Devil’s merely fictional,
And so, in fact, is God

In a conflict of religious views
A school can’t take one side
So one faith can’t be promoted
And, of course, can’t be denied
Treating everybody equally
Is what it’s all about…
So the law’s the law in Concord
And the praying mom is out.

The full story, relatively neutrally reported, at the Union Leader. Of course, the misLeader is notoriously right-wing, so you have to look at the comments. It’s actually kind of fun, because New Hampshire has a mix of both types of conservative–the social conservatives who support the praying mom, and the (small L) libertarian conservatives who support the constitution.

The Concord Monitor’s editorial, agreeing that the school was right to end the praying. Fewer comments here, of course–a smaller paper–but the first one is the one that inspired today’s verse.


  1. says

    Yes, the first comment is LOL-worthy. But then that commenter really stepped in it when replying to another commenter:

    [first comment] DesertFox wrote: … The next time there is an incident at CHS it could have been avoided by a praying Mother. The power of prayer works and it does wonders. Shame on the school administrators for turning Mr. [sic] Urena away.

    Reply – tillie wrote: So now you are saying if there is an “incident” at the CHS the fault is because the mother was stopped from praying? Many incidents happen to people that pray all the time like the bus accident in Kansas. Why do people always thank God for someone being saved in a tornado, hurricane etc and not wonder why God sent the disaster in the first place?

    Reply – DesertFox wrote: True, bad things happen to believers but I don’t think God sends them purposely to punish them. Nature is the culprit here.

    Oh, the irony!


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