Poison In The Water (Repost)

There was poison in the water
And it wasn’t fit to drink;
So we got ourselves together
And we had a little think…

We were told to “just ignore it”
We were told “it’s not so bad”
We were told that sanitation
Was a silly, passing fad

We could just avoid the fountain
We could just avoid the taps,
And the problem would resolve itself
Eventually, perhaps

There are sensible precautions—
Keep your mouth shut as you shower;
If you’re feeling really thirsty,
Maybe boil it for an hour

There are antidotes available
Or so, at least, we’re told,
But they’re getting hard to find these days
And some are rather old

If we get our act together,
We can do it! I can tell…

…And it won’t disturb the fellows
Who are shitting in the well.

Yeah, normally I wait a bit longer before reposting things, or at least until it’s appropriate again. Sadly, I am coming around to the opinion that this particular issue never goes away. I’ve been reading CNN’s comments again, and may have to stop. [I wrote, and deleted, the particulars of today’s stories, but frankly it doesn’t matter–it’s everywhere.]


  1. says

    Dihydrogen monoxide, also known as hydroxyl acid, is pretty toxic stuff: it is the chief component of acid rain, contributes to the erosion of topsoil, is a leading cause of metal corrosion, a major greenhouse gas, can be fatal if inhaled, and kills hundreds of thousands every year: according to the World Health Organization, dihydrogen monoxide inhalation is the 3rd leading cause of death on the planet. And even then, the WHO admits that the death rate is probably underreported.

  2. says

    Strip mining corporations are people, too, and people need a place to shit!
    Exxon, BP, Shell, the list of fellas goes on. Living out in the country there aren’t a lot of commodes for the poor chaps to use. I think they should use lakes and rivers to shit, as well. Even the ocean!
    It should take a couple of more years – 5, or so – and then they will need more places to shite. They have too much important foraging to do and they don’t have time to build many proper toilets.

    The commentors, they are a special kind of truly stupid.

  3. Luna_the_cat says

    Reading this on my tablet, where I don’t have an adblock installed, ironically this shows up with an ad for “The Master Prophet — Submit a request for him to pray for you!” at the top of the page. :-P

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