There Are Dangers In Election Drinking Games

When the people are standing in line
But the leaders assert all is fine
As the populace votes
And the media notes
…The Cuttlefish drinks some more wine.

I have family in too many states to just sit back. I am hopeful, but damn. This is not easy. And I must say, if I had a time machine I would clearly tell myself to start this election day without any alcohol available. Lots of little signs look promising… which leads to wine. Occasionally, signs look bad… ditto. See? A lose-lose proposition, disguised as a win-win.

I can’t tell you how many typos I already fixed in this post. If it makes sense, this is a victory of obsession over inebriation. If it’s gibberish… you won’t be able to tell it from most other posts.

In other words, this is an open election thread. Say lots of stuff, and pity my headache tomorrow morning.


  1. Johnny Vector says

    I keep trying to joystick the Maryland Question 6 numbers. It’s up to 51.1% for, with about 40% reporting. C’mon, Maryland, you can do it.

    Although it makes me feel dirty to be allowed to vote on other people’s marriage prospects.

  2. rq says

    A wine-wine situation, if there ever was one.
    I’m glad the election ended well; how’s your head?

  3. Crudely Wrott says

    There’s a storm just of New England
    And it’s gonna blow for sure
    There’s gonna be wind and rain and snow
    And tomorrow there’ll be more

    We’ll be locked up in our houses
    Like we’ve been for the past week
    And we’ll have to sneak outside
    Just to take a leak

    It’ll rain and blow and snow and snow
    But soon it will get better
    But if it don’t I’ll grab my wife
    And then I’m gonna bed ‘er

  4. Crudely Wrott says

    Forgot the part about a birthday bulge next July. /giggle/

    For those who live on the northeast coast who don’t have cozy warm beds in which to cuddle these, where there is a will, there is a way. Life finds a way. Do take heart and be brave. As brave as you can.

    For those who are able, please give a bit of lucre to those whose homes are rubble and who find themselves at rope’s end. It can only help.

  5. F says

    Johnny Vector

    Although it makes me feel dirty to be allowed to vote on other people’s marriage prospects.

    Really, you are not. You’re voting against morons being allowed to dictate what legal marriage prospects are.

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