Feathered Dinosaurs Are Cool, Take 2

My favorite part of XKCD’s gorgeous “Click And Drag”:

I can just see the one on the right, thinking “Feathered dinosaurs are cool…”

What’s your favorite bit? WARNING: clicking (and dragging) on “Click And Drag” can be habit forming. Or it might just suck you into an inescapable time-suck. Proceed at your own risk!


  1. embertine says

    I didn’t manage to get to the end of what I suspect is a sky elevator, so I can’t really say. The leaping humpback whale must be pretty high up the list. Going back now to look at the rest of it!

  2. says

    I thought’d I’d spent way too much time clicking around that comic, but I didn’t even find any of the things you guys have mentioned! Oh noes, there goes my afternoon.

  3. fastlane says

    Is there an easier way to navigate around that pane? This is going to seriously aggravate my carpal tunnel….

  4. machintelligence says

    There is a jellyfish. I thought it was an octopus at first, but on closer inspection, just a jellyfish. Is the window with light pouring out of it a bathyscaphe?

  5. leftwingfox says

    The guy trying to sell lemonade to people falling down a chasm.

    “Lemonade? Awwww, ok. Lemonade? Awwww. Ok. Lemonade?”

  6. BradC says

    There is a far left wall and a far right wall. I presume there is a top and bottom, too.

    Anyone else find the giant UFO in a huge underground cavern?

  7. machintelligence says

    There are three more jellyfish 3 screens down and 5 screens right from the bow of the three masted ship.

  8. Die Anyway says

    I had never heard of a “fencepost error”. As a programmer I know about the condition, I had just never heard the term.

    The bad part… I got several hundred moves from the home screen and accidentally clicked on the [NEXT] button while I was trying to drag the picture. That took me to a different comic page and when I came back I was at the home screen again. I don’t know if I want to do those same hundreds of moves over just to reach an unexplored area. I never did find the dinosaurs but I saw the giant jellyfish, the leaping whale, the lemonade seller, and the Mario comment.
    I wonder if someone has mapped it? I’m guessing they probably have.

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