Love And God, And What Not To Say

A long one today, but it had to be said.

Over at WWJTD, JT fields one of the classic apologetic arguments from incredulity:

there are things that are undeniably real (like love, ambition, sympathy) but do not stand up to scientific rigor. We live in a world appointed with these things (love, ambition, sympathy) and they would be real even if science did not exist to explain them.

Anyone who has not seen that argument thrown around, welcome to the internet, and how have you enjoyed your first few hours here? [Read more…]

Olympic Tryouts

We practice, and practice, and practice some more
With weight-training workouts, and sprints by the score
Though I don’t really know what we do it all for—
Which makes all this effort seem odd

We work through more pain than we care to admit;
The coaches and trainers, as well, do their bit,
In the end though, we know that it doesn’t mean shit—
We’re giving the credit to God. [Read more…]

Maybe I *Should* Run For President

I see progress, though it’s progress at a plate tectonics pace:
If an atheist was entered in the presidential race,
For the first time in our history it seems to be the case—
The majority’s not instantly opposed!
Fifty-four percent of voters told the pollsters “yes, we would”
If the atheist in question, every other way, was good
We are still the most unpopular—let that be understood
But the case is not immediately closed.
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