Headline Muse, 6/16

The Greeks are consulting their oracle
Though the phrase is, of course, metaphorical
They are looking to Delphi
Much more than is healphi…
A trait which I find quite adoracle.

Headline: No Delphic clarity as Greek vote looms

With all the Bulgarian skeleton news, I cannot neglect my beloved Greece.

Greeks will cast their lot Sunday in a parliamentary election that could determine the country’s future in the euro zone — and potentially the future of the euro zone itself. Now including 17 nations, the European Monetary Union is one of the continent’s main modern-day political projects. There is no precedent or procedure for a country leaving, and the predictions about what might occur in the aftermath range from global financial meltdown to a mild bump on the road to recovery.

In lighter news, Greece did defeat Russia in Euro 2012, to reach the quarter-finals. A few bad calls going each direction–it could have gone either way–but I’ll take it.

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