They Love My Design!

Well, that’s what the email said, anyway.

Ah, automated letters.

First, it’s not my design; it was designed by Michael McRae. Second, although I myself love it, I really wonder if the good people at CafePress really love it as much as they say. I was just tooling around on their designer software, and made an iphone cover–I don’t even own an iphone–just to check out its sheer awesomeness. Image, after the jump:

click for full size…

Beautiful, I know. And hey if the CafePress people really do love it, maybe we don’t have all that far to go, really.


  1. Cuttlefish says

    Like I said, automated letters. I am under no illusion that any human eyes were laid on my design. Too bad, though, cos it is really badass.

  2. says

    It is cool…perhaps I should come up with one for my blog…wait I don’t have a cool animal to use…I know…I could go for “snarky” and pick a unicorn or maybe the Loch Ness Monster! Yeah that’ll do it…All kidding aside, it is a cool design and I think cafepress is a great site. I have used it before for some projects. They are easy to work with and the stuff always comes out nice when you receive it.

  3. Cuttlefish says

    I’ve been on CafePress for like 3 years, and am still roughly three purchases away (depending on items) from them sending me my first payment. I expect it shortly after the Mayans tell us the world will end. I did order a mug, and it is just gorgeous, but it will be a loooooong time before I run into someone wearing a Cuttlefish shirt.

    Which is just too bad, because it’s so much better than PZ’s shirt!

  4. Andrew G. says

    Apr 19th 2012 = in the Long Count calendar.

    Dec 19th 2012 =
    Dec 20th 2012 =
    Dec 21st 2012 = <– date that people fuss over
    Dec 22nd 2012 =

    Sep 6th 2032 =
    Sep 7th 2032 =

    Oct 12th 4772 =
    Oct 13th 4772 = (this date is actually attested from a Mayan writing, which calculates it in terms of calendar rounds, so we can verify the meaning)

    Other Mayan inscriptions are known which add a dozen or so leading (base-20) digits to long count calendar dates, producing a calendar good for at least the expected lifetime of the Sun, if not the entire universe.

    Short version: world not going to end anytime soon, not even according to Mayans.

    Prediction: long count date will be rather less interesting than Gregorian date Jan 1 2000.

  5. Cuttlefish says

    You have no idea how much I appreciate having more intelligent readers/commenters than *any* of the news sites.

  6. The Ridger says

    Cheech Wizard said this at Comics Curmudgeon a while back:

    I’m actually looking forward to the Mayan calendar rolling over. I’ve been getting kinda sick of the picture of the guy with his tongue sticking out – maybe the new one will have a pyramid or a covered bridge or sumpthin’.

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