All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic…And Economic And Religious

I’ll bet Sergeant Stein did much better than fine—
He may have been one of the best—
He’d have filled out the quiz as a regular wiz,
For his Spiritual Fitness Test.

He has faith in his God (which is good for his squad)
And the Chaplains can help him with grief
Why, his church can assist with his enemies list
That includes his Commander In Chief.

Story, after the jump:

Marine Sgt. Gary Stein doesn’t much like his Commander-in-Chief. On his facebook page, he referred to the president as “the economic and religious enemy”.

This conduct looks like it might lead to his less-than-honorable discharge.

High-level military law experts appear to agree with a Marine Corps board that Sgt. Gary Stein deserves to be booted out for posting disparaging comments about President Obama on the Internet.

“It’s not so much what he said but the fact he waded into the political arena to say it in a way that seemed to convey official status,” said Eugene Fidell, who teaches military law at Yale.

Gary Solis, who teaches military law at Georgetown University, said that Stein “is lucky he’s not facing a court martial. He knew the rules and he broke them. The nation is not ready for sergeants denouncing its senior political leadership.”

My favorite bit about this is nearly unrelated to the story itself. Who is representing Stein? THe ACLU and the U.S. Justice Foundation. Wait… the ACLU? Of course! But that information is not in every news article, so the comments sections have individuals making jokes about how the ACLU would never stoop to representing an actually religious person. After seeing the abusive comments about the ACLU in Cranston, it’s nice to be able to immediately slap these current comments with a rolled up newspaper.

As for Stein? I’d love to see his scores on the Spiritual Fitness Test. I bet he rocked them.


  1. 'Tis Himself says

    Stein, a Marine for nine years, had to be reassigned from his previous job in the military as a weather forecaster after losing his security clearance, the result of bad debts,

    Seems like he had other problems besides being nasty to Obama. Losing his security clearance because of misconduct (the military considers not paying debts to be misconduct) means he’d never be promoted. Being reassigned from his primary occupational specialty would be another black mark against him. His career had gone down the toilet and I suspect he was quite bitter about it.

  2. says

    Ah yes the ACLU—only the enemy when convenient I see. I suppose that people like Stein would never give the ACLU any credit. I find it hilarious when the Right attacks the ACLU as being only leftist. They really do not realize what the organization is all about…

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