Headline Muse, 2/27

With ads, and entreatments, and deals
It’s the battle of two loathsome heels
Though voters are feeling
That neither’s appealing,
They’re making their final appeals

Headline: Santorum and Romney Make Last-Minute Appeals to Michigan

But… that’s just the problem; neither one of them appeals to many.


  1. timothyeisele says

    No kidding. I’m in Michigan, and for the last week we’ve been getting multiple robo-calls every day from each of them. And all are of the form “The other guy is awful and evil!” I’ll be glad when tomorrow comes. Maybe I’ll just vote for somebody who didn’t robo-call us, just to see if they get the message.

    The one that gets me is that Santorum’s phone robot calls Romney a “Massachusetts Moderate”, with the same venomous scorn that the Republicans used to save for the label “Liberal”. So, I guess moderates are the new liberals. How far can this go? Are they going to come up with a new name for their extreme position, and then talk about mere “Conservatives” the same way?

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