Super Bowl

You can cheer for New England
You can cheer for New York
You can tailgate with hot dogs
Whether kosher or pork
It’s a clash of the titans
And it can’t be denied
One team or the other
Will have god on their side

You can watch from the sidelines
You can watch on TV
Or ignore it completely
Doesn’t matter to me
There are hundreds of millions
Who are watching world-wide
To find out which franchise
Has god on their side

An airplane is flying
It’s towing a sign
Saying “Football beats church”
It’s a lovely design
And it sends quite a message
To the people who tried
To pretend they were playing
With god on their side

And we’ll watch the commercials
And we might watch the game
One team or the other
Well, it works out the same
There’s no real advantage
I’m forced to confide
Cos the banner says neither
Has god on their side

Some day, in the future,
Whether distant or near
On some Super Bowl Sunday
It’ll all be so clear
Though there won’t be a tactic
Or a prayer left untried
Still, neither team ends up
With god on their side.

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