NH Voting Nears An End

New Hampshire’s high hopes for a finish diminish
As candidates stumble their way to the line
It isn’t exciting. It’s boring; I’m snoring
While watching the ads on the local News Nine.
When crowds get Ron Paul or Santorum to bore ‘em,
Or Romney or Huntsman or Perry or Newt,
They can’t escape thinking that choosing is losing:
“Oh, just what we needed—a guy in a suit.”

The sound bites we hear from this circus should irk us—
And insider politics makes me just scream
Just one wants to pull back the curtain for certain:
The alternate candidate, Vermin Supreme
The media stick with the boring, ignoring
The man with the big rubber boot on his head
When voters review this election’s selections
They’ll wish they had voted for Vermin instead

I have a dream. It’s an impossible dream, but those can be fun. My dream is that Vermin Supreme will gather more votes than Rick Perry.

Sadly, Supreme is running as a Democrat this year, so any votes he get will be compared to Obama’s, not Perry’s, sending the wrong message. So my dream requires a write-in campaign on the Republican side.

But wouldn’t it be worth it?

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