De Media

The internet’s a funny place
For learning or for study–
Compared to books, a different pace,
And apt to be more muddy;
An ADHD metaphor,
Abstraction in mosaic;
A banquet for an omnivore
That’s more than most can take;
It’s drinking from the firehose;
It’s rumors, lies, and flames,
Where no one seems to care for clothes
And people make up names.
Where idiots who’ve learned to type
Can act as Trusted Source,
Spew propaganda, spin, and hype
And change a nation’s course!

But let’s not go all addle-brained
In praise of books in print;
Their reputation’s not un-stained
(Not even if we squint)
The printed book of days gone by,
That stalwart of the ages–
It seems to me, a lie’s a lie,
In pixels or in pages.
If better days are sorely missed;
Of elevated worth;
The New York Times Best-Seller List
Will bring you down to earth.
The books that people buy, I’ll bet,
Are rarely what they need–
And books, as well as internet
Can mangle and mislead.

When reading leads to tedium,
Both book and web are one:
It’s writing that’s the medium–
Not rare, and not well done.

Context: David Brooks in NYTimes
Cuttlecap tip to Adam Bly’s new blog.


  1. says

    I read your two related linksTo clarify the sourceAnd found that they were relevant.They would be so, of course. However what astounded meWhat how much better this is.It comes directly to the pointWithout the hits and misses.Damn! This is good. And whether it's On blog or in hard copyIt makes the link related prose Look loose and rather sloppy.I’ll save yours in both mediaOn puter and in printCause either way this pithy verseIs absolutely mint.

  2. says

    I'm glad you saw the relevance, Joan (is this our same wonderful Joan as has visited previously? Welcome, dear Joan!); I left this as a comment at Bly's blog seconds after posting it here… over 8 hours later, it has not yet been approved. Hmph, I say.

  3. HennaHonu says

    This is one of my favorites! I may just have to print it out and frame it! Thank you, dear Cuttlefish, for such wonderful verse.

  4. says

    Yes, It's the same 'wonderful Joan' or 'despicable me' depending upon your outlook. (grin) The jury is still out. I noticed you have another fan like me who will probably frame your poem. :)

  5. mbw says

    This is not only funny and catchy, but is a spot-on critique of Rich's piece. I really think you hit it out of the park with this one.

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