“I Thought I Saw An Atheist” Revisited

Ok, this one is seriously depressing. PZ reports on the deplorable actions of Illinois State Rep Monique Davis (D-Chicago), shouting down (easily, since he was not talking) an atheist activist (Rob Sherman), whose offense was that he was testifying against the expenditure of a million dollars of the people’s money to preserve a particular Baptist Church. There is an audiofile of the exchange.

…I thought I saw an atheist, upon the witness stand
It couldn’t be! Not where I live! This is a Christian Land!
The Constitution guarantees my right to scream and shout;
As the Good Lord is my witness, I demanded “You! Get out!”

I thought I saw an atheist demand an equal voice;
I told him he could leave right now, and that could be his choice.
I said his view was dangerous–our children must not hear!
It goes against the Bible, which our government holds dear!

I thought I saw an atheist nod quietly, and sigh.
The odds were stacked against him, which no person can deny;
What happens when a person is denied his civil right?
I may have seen an atheist who’s now convinced to fight.


  1. says

    Good verse! I hope that atheists do stand up and demand an end to discrimination. It’s another nail in the coffin of the “Expelled” theses, too, because atheists are the ones getting expelled. I linked to your verse.

  2. Cycle Ninja says

    It’s always lovely to see thuggery countered with wit and style, rather than just more screaming. My compliments.

  3. Anonymous says

    Is it not amazing how people misuse their religious beliefs to belittle those who do not share the same views? To hear this 'harpy' getting more shrill & strident by the syllable might be laughable were it not for the fact that this sounded like a 'fundamentalist harangue' or 'fatwah' – take your pick!

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