High vibe

Are you eating high vibrational food? Are you sure?

The ancient Greeks introduced the world to the concept of energy and its effects on humans, animals, plants and health. We’re all connected spiritually by energy, whether we choose to believe it or not. We all form a part of the circle of life, which revolves in a circular motion with no beginning and no end, particularly when it comes to cooking, eating and respecting our food and where it comes from.

I can think of some beginnings and some ends.

The ancient Greeks knew that if the food they were cooking had good energy and brought “agapi” (unconditional love), their dishes would be masterpieces and would heal them at the same time.

They did? Which ones? Thucydides? Heraclitus? Anaxagoras?

We’re all made of energy, and we therefore require the consumption of energy in the form of food, air and water for sustenance and good health. We also require thoughts made up of positive vibrational energy. The ancient Greeks would think good thoughts, live life with agapi and practice affirmations to assist with this process.

We can raise our energy vibration and better connect to ourselves, nature and God by eating highly nutritious energetic foods and eliminating unhealthy thoughts and relationships. Eating high-energy foods help us reach higher consciousness and better connect with our higher source.

It goes on like that.


  1. Tigger_the_Wing, Double trans person, not a TERF says

    Ouch, that is painful.

    And (ignoring the ‘vibration’ garbage for the moment) like all hypotheses apparently sourced from bovine excrement, it is self contradictory:


    Pure or filtered water — reverse osmosis or freshly collected spring water are the best choices

    Fermented foods
    Raw chocolate
    Raw honey and maple syrup


    Sugars, sweeteners (artificial etc.)

    Processed, packaged, canned and fast foods

    I’m sorry, but… What?!!

    Isn’t reverse-osmosis ‘processing’? What the hell is ‘Raw chocolate’? Chocolate is definitely a processed food. And how are honey and maple syrup not ‘sugar’?

  2. johnthedrunkard says

    ‘Many rituals from ancient Greece continue to be practiced today to lift the vibrational frequency of food before it’s consumed.’

    Yeah, right. I groan to admit that I could guess the author’s gender before clicking the link. And the gender of the intended audience. This brainless piffle, this obsessive attempt at generating ideological purity and private rectitude is probably as damaging to women as most (other) religions.

  3. says

    I want a time machine if for no other reason to send “ancient” fetishists back to those wonderful times before modern science and medicine screwed everything up.

  4. says

    I love the commenter who said that she wants “more science” in the discussion, because she thinks that it’s the “frequency” of the food that is important, not its vibration.

  5. Tigger_the_Wing, Double trans person, not a TERF says

    MrFancyPants, I think that she’s right. I’m much more concerned about getting enough meals every day than whether those meals are salad or stew. =^_^=

  6. says

    Are you eating high vibrational food?

    Oh! Very probably! I mean: could that be why my glasses keep rattling right off my face during meals?

    (/It’s pretty damned hard on my fillings, too.)

  7. says

    … Oh. But then again, it may be I just ate my orbital sander for lunch…

    (/Not certain, no. But I do seem to have hung a bologna sandwich on the sander’s usual hook in the garage.)

  8. rjw1 says

    The ancient Greeks didn’t introduce to the world the ‘concept of energy’ actually they had no concept of energy whatsoever.

    Those ‘ancient Greeks’ probably lived in 1970s California.

  9. karmacat says

    Uh. are they saying you can use food as a sex toy? It could be a way of getting “unconditional love” and getting rid of “unhealthy relationships.”

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