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At a different Pride parade, a month ago…

Just days after Pride Toronto’s dispute resolution process banned the group from forthcoming celebrations, the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) — a group denounced by critics for being anti-feminist and misogynist — were peacefully walking the streets of Richmond Hill for Pride York Fest.

Oh good grief. That’s Justin Trottier’s group.

MRAs marching in a Pride parade.

And so the nine-person CAFE contingent, including a handful of women, marched, sandwiched between contingents from the federal and provincial Liberal parties as well as a local newspaper.

Few who lined Yonge St. between Crosby Ave. and Vern Dynes Way batted an eye when CAFE members doled out buttons and leaflets advertising their group, aimed at improving the status, health and well-being of boys and men.

Were there also groups aimed at improving the status, health and well-being of white people, rich people, straight people? I worry about them. How do the advantaged get even more advantaged?

“It’s not that men’s issues are more important than other people’s issues, it’s that they are relevant,” said Justin Trottier, CAFE’s executive director.

He told the Star the group was “so excited” to participate in the parade because the group’s “principles and values are the principles and values of the LGBT community, certainly of the Pride Parade.”

He dismissed accusations of having an anti-feminist agenda as being “knee jerk decisions about our motives . . . generally made in ignorance of the facts.” He urged critics to become familiar with CAFE’s work for men and boys before jumping to conclusions.

Ever the bullshitter.


  1. Margaret says

    Were there also groups aimed at improving the status, health and well-being of white people, rich people, straight people?

    You’re asking if the Republican Party was in the parade? I doubt it.

  2. Comrade Nehëmah says

    MRAs marching in a Pride parade.

    Sounds like a good fit to me. Pride (at least in the USA and most likely also in Canada) these days is more than anything else about making banks and other corporations look more progressive than they are. What’s another turd in a shitshow?

  3. Mahadavid says

    @2 to be slightly nit-picky, the Conservative Party is a better analog for the Republican Party. The Liberals are lot more like the Democrats, probably more left-leaning actually.

  4. Jenora Feuer says

    Except this was in Canada so it would be Liberal, not Republican.

    Conservative, not Liberal. The Liberals are relatively centrist (and currently pushing to the left to grab some votes back from the New Democratic Party). The modern Conservatives are the result of the previously fringe Reform party hijacking and taking over the Progressive Conservative party after the PCs collapsed due to a combination of the Reform party taking the serious religious votes and the previous Progressive Conservative leader spending too much time trying to prove himself better than the previous Prime Minister.

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