Burma’s Protection of Race and Religion Laws

Burma’s parliament has passed a bill limiting the right of Buddhist women to marry non-Buddhists.

The Buddhist Women’s Special Marriage Bill passed Tuesday is one of four known as the Protection of Race and Religion Laws, which have been criticized as discriminatory by rights groups. It mandates that Buddhist women register their intent to marry outside their faith and allows them to be stopped if there are objections.

I guess the government of Burma owns all the uteruses.

President Thein Sein has 14 days from when the bill was passed to sign it or return it with suggested changes.

“It’s shocking that Burma’s Parliament has passed yet another incredibly dangerous law, this time legislating clearly discriminatory provisions targeting the rights of religious minority men and Buddhist women to marry who they wish without interference,” said [Phil] Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division.

The point of religion: hating the out-groups.


  1. luzclara says

    I am pretty sure that the Buddha would think this is stupid. And not Buddhist. Organized religion is so fucked up. . .

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