Utterly ruined by sexist speaker

Another item to include is Connie St Louis’s famous tweet, which broke the story:


Why are the British so embarrassing abroad? At #WCSJ2015 President lunch today sponsored by powerful role model Korean female scientists and engineers. Utterly ruined by sexist speaker Tim Hunt FRS @royalsociety who stood up on invitation and says he has a reputation as male chauvinist.

Then she quotes the trouble with girls bit, the falling in love and they cry bit.

not happy with the big hole he has already dug he continues digging “I’m in favour of single sex labs” BUT he “doesn’t want to stand in the way of women[“] Oh yeah! Sounds like it?

Then she repeats that part, then

Really does this Nobel laureate think we are still in Victorian times???

There are interesting comments. Carl Zimmer for instance:

carlzimmer ‏@carlzimmer Jun 9
@2casey451 @connie_stlouis @royalsociety What kind of bad day is that? A day when he slips up & speaks his mind? A day possessed by demons?

@2casey451 @connie_stlouis @royalsociety If he can run a lab, he can take responsibility for his own remarks in front of journalists.

But that’s a witch-hunt.

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