1. Pieter B, FCD says

    For once I’m glad that the overproduced glurgey music made a lot of the words impossible to hear.

    If y’all want to believe that marriage equality is wrong, I can’t stop you and I won’t waste my breath trying to change your mind, but if you want your religious belief enshrined in law, I will do my best to stop you. I know of beliefs and traditions about marriage sincerely held by believers in other religions that you would find abhorrent, like prearranged child marriages where the bride and groom meet for the first time on their wedding day, and they have just as much right to their beliefs as you do.

  2. footface says

    I’m a good person. *chokes up* I have many wonderful friends who happen to be gay. I love them dearly. I just… *sniffle* I just think it’s right that I should get to decide how they live their lives and that the law should relegate them and their families to second-class status and that the dictates of my religion should be the deciding factor in public policy. *snerf* But no—it’s OK. I’m a good person and I care about people. Can’t we all just get along?

  3. says

    That one is fairly cut and dried bigotry, no ambiguity. It’s an easy one to report to youtube, so I did.

    I’m quite sure that if youtube does remove it, the propagandists will lie and claim harassment.

  4. Gen, Uppity Ingrate and Ilk says

    Lol! “I have friends who are gay”. Yes really. Quite frankly, I’m happy that these people fear “speaking openly” about their bigotry. I’m happy that these people feel that there are negative social consequences for being homophobic. Now if only there were similar social consequences for being sexist. Or transphobic. Or racist. Or the myriad of other ways the Kyriarchy oppresses us.

  5. mudpuddles says

    Ah yes, the Catholic Education Fundies, who love their gay friends so much that they would happily deny them a basic civil right. Just like the other Catholics who wanted to deny inter-racial couples the right to marry in times past. And who wanted to deny women the right to vote.

    Such loving, wonderfully horrible fuckers.

  6. hoary puccoon says

    This is monstrously cruel on every level. It could be terribly hurtful, of course, to gay kids to be so casually condemned by people they thought were friends. But it’s also cruel to the Catholic kids to let them think mouthing vicious bigotry in a weepy tone of voice somehow makes them good people.

    It doesn’t kids. It really, really doesn’t.

  7. oualawouzou says

    On the plus side, the “alternate version” you can view after the original washes away some of the bad taste.

  8. Crimson Clupeidae says

    They get one thing right: They aren’t alone.

    There are a lot of bigots out there.

  9. =8)-DX says


    Seriously – when they were like “I’m already weird” and “what I’m about to say in this video”, I was all: “aww, another teary coming out video! Aren’t those trans people beautiful!”

    And then, yes: metaphorical sick-basin pulled out. They have all these gay friends and they want everyone to love each other, but … but … they *have* to say it should be illegal for them to get married! And then play the victim (I’m a victim of being criticised for my bigotry)! Darh!

  10. moarscienceplz says

    I think this video is great. It alone should turn thousands of millennials and younger people away from the cesspit of bigotry that is Christianity.
    Keep it up, Christians! I look forward to all the new brew pubs and restaurants that will be soon be opening in former churches.

  11. johnthedrunkard says

    Here’s the followup version. Not perfect, but close enough for the purpose:
    So now the papists are pulling the ‘poor widdle dears’ trope. They’re just so…oppressed. This is the same emotional ploy that George Wallace used, along with all the other downtrodden ‘victims’ of Brown v. Board of Education.

    Even the Nazis, while trumpeting their invincible jack-booted might out of one side of their mouths, endlessly whined about how oppressed and put upon they were. How they were forced, forced I tell you, to launch an exterminationist flood of conquest and death.

  12. says

    It’s true. Hannah Arendt has a scorching bit in Eichmann in Jerusalem about that – about Himmler getting maudlin about how painful it was for the SS to have to do these things, and how courageous and self-sacrificing they were.

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