Glorious Las Vegas

More on Mayweather’s history of beating up women and the way people are hiding it so that other people will pay lots of money to watch him punch a man.

Ignore the police reports, the court records, and his own plea deals, he says into the camera lens, never an ounce of doubt on his face, because there are no pictures. It’s a cliché of Internet life—pics or it didn’t happen—and one that Mayweather has leveraged into making it okay for millions of sports fans to plunk down $100 to watch him fight Manny Pacquiao without an ounce of doubt about putting money directly in the pocket of a misogynist.

To Rachel Nichols: “Once again, no pictures. Just hearsay and allegations.”

To Katie Couric: “Did I kick, stomp and beat someone? No, that didn’t happen. I look in your face and say, ‘No, that didn’t happen.’”

But, Diana Moskovitz reports, there are pictures, but we don’t get to see them.

In at least two cases of domestic violence, official records show pictures were taken. In one case, a police report explicitly says that the photos show a victim’s injuries. But authorities in Las Vegas, a city poised to make millions off Floyd this weekend, have either destroyed the photos or haven’t released them.

Because, after all, it’s just women. It’s not as if he hit anyone important.

We shouldn’t need to see the pictures. The overwhelming evidence should be enough. The guilty and no contest pleas should be enough. The words of so many women should be enough. But seeing pictures—in all their grotesqueness and horror—is unfortunately the only way to prove a man hit a woman. It’s part of why officers take these pictures, to show a judge and a jury what happened.

“When you’re in a front of a judge, you describe the injuries written in the complaint, the bruising, the swelling, the blood,” prosecutor Scott E. Kessler told the New York Times for a 2007 story about how digital cameras were changing domestic violence investigations. “But until a person sees another human being with those injuries, with the swelling, the blood, the bruising, it’s hard to get that point across.”

He was proven right last year, when TMZ published the video of Ray Riceknocking out his future wife, Janay, with one swift punch. Before the video was published, Rice was poised to return to football after a short suspension. Afterward, Rice was gone for an entire season and dumped by his team. He’s still searching for a chance to play.

There has been no elevator-tape moment for Mayweather, though, despite his long and well-documented history of beating up women, and there probably never will be.

Las Vegas has made sure of it.

It’s Chinatown, Jake.

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  1. ZugTheMegasaurus says

    When it comes to releasing photos that the police took as part of their investigation, I think it would be completely inappropriate. I say this both as a lawyer and as someone who sent her own abuser to jail. I took my own photos of my injuries, and it’s up to me whether anyone ever sees them or not. But if the police publicly released the photos that they took? I can’t imagine how violated I would feel. Those are not simply photos of Mayweather’s crimes to be used against him; they are photos of actual women who were already harmed by him at least once. It would be cruel to violate their privacy (and very possibly their well-being) in order to use them as a weapon against someone else (no matter how much he might deserve it).

  2. says

    When it comes to releasing photos that the police took as part of their investigation, I think it would be completely inappropriate.

    I agree. I think the idea of researching the existence of the photos was mostly to discredit Mayweather’s claim that there are no photos.

    It seems mostly as if he’s just too valuable to do anything to; he’s protected because of his earning potential and his skill at hitting people.

  3. says

    On the 20th anniversary of OJ Simpson’s arrest Keith Olbermann said the piece below. The attitude by cops towards male-on-female violence was the same then as now. Skip to 3:10 to see the most relevant parts immediately.

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