The head of SOS-Racisme calls Charlie Hebdo the greatest anti racist weekly

Salman Rushdie tweets:

Salman Rushdie @SalmanRushdie 12 hours ago
Salman Rushdie retweeted Philip Gourevitch
The head of SOS-Racisme calls CH the greatest anti racist weekly. PEN protesters, please note. Salman Rushdie added,

Philip Gourevitch @PGourevitch
“Charlie Hebdo, le plus grand hebdomadaire anti-raciste”: more French context from Dominique Sopo, Pres of SOS-Racism …


Salman Rushdie @SalmanRushdie 11 hours ago
Now that the leading anti-racist group SOS-Racisme has called CH “the greatest anti-racist weekly”, will PEN protesters admit their error?

Le plus grand hebdomadaire anti-raciste:

EXTRAIT – Le président de SOS racisme prend la défense du journal qui a été la cible d’un attentat.

The president of SOS Racism defends the magazine that was the target of an attack.

D’accord? Francine Prose, Peter Carey, the rest of the 150? Anything?


  1. Okidemia says

    How much time before they call SOS racism a racist organization full of white Europeans? They don’t seem to fear ridicule.

  2. says

    Ophelia, thanks for following this particular story. I never would have known about it were it not for your blog posts, but I find it fascinating, and especially interesting given the parallels with the way certain Skeptics like to misrepresent feminists.

  3. says

    I find it fascinating too. (I guess that’s pretty obvious.) Decades ago I found the deep rifts in the 1930s between US & UK Stalinists and Trotskyists fascinating…specifically, I found the perversity and credulity of Team Stalin fascinating. This PEN thing is weirdly reminiscent of that. (As was the deep rift between pro-Rushdie and anti-Rushdie people 25 years ago.)


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