Meet the slyme pit 2

Second batch.

Remember, this is just three weeks’ worth. They’ve been doing this for nearly four years.







The above is a photoshop of Brian Engler’s photo. He did not give them permission to use it.




That’s it.

Yet somehow we’re the evil demons. Why is that again?


  1. says

    A cogent point, Apple, except that I’m not a politician, and I’m not punishing anyone, and the Malaysian cartoonist didn’t just photoshop the PM. Other than that you make a compelling case.

  2. moarscienceplz says

    Re #1 & #2
    Right, because having a blog totally = political power.

    Apple = clueless goober.

  3. says

    The Pitters certainly have some delusions of grandeur, thinking they’re some bastion of satire, free speech, rationality, and whatnot.
    It does seem like a lot of overlap with the chan culture, with some really weird ideas they’ve built up in insular online spaces.

  4. says

    Wait. What?

    Ophelia, have you been having your judiciary charge people with sedition again? Or mowing them down in their offices? Also: did I miss a news cycle somehow?

    (/Well, kudos to the courageous free speech martyrs bravely facing your reign of terror, anyway, I guess.)

  5. says

    I’m moved to wonder aloud if these characters have always equated less-than-delighted feedback on their artistic efforts with Tyrannical! Censorship! (capitals and exclamation points mandatory). And almost wishing I coulda been a fly on the wall through their lives, if so…

    Their parents woulda been the first to notice, I figure. When their Mom took their finger painting* off the fridge and they noticed, and they called the ACLU to demand it be put back up.

    Then there’d be some scene at university. The essay less than delightedly received. ‘Needs work?!’ they would scream at the startled TA. ‘Needs work!!? What, Stalin, you ran out of intellectuals to shoot in Russia, and I was just next, is that it!!!?’

    … and then, finally, they actually went into the arts. And, oddly, their masterwork to date, a 3,0000-piece series entitled ‘My critics are old and ugly and I hate them!’ received poor reviews from those old, ugly, hypocritical, jackbooted Nazi scum, for some damned reason. That one, they figured was one for the UN war crimes commission.

    (*/Scrawled title: ‘Mom is ugly!’)

  6. Blanche Quizno says

    Looks like they’ve got YOU under their skin. I wonder why they spend so much time and energy obsessing over you, frankly…

  7. musubk says

    What the…? This is supposed to be humor / satire from those with more rational minds? There’s nothing to it but ‘I hate the right people!’

    My previously bottom-barrel opinion of the Slymepit was apparently too high.

  8. Lady Mondegreen says

    Satire, Ophelia. Satire

    It’s not “satire,” it’s ridicule. And misogynist ridicule, at that.

    You don’t even know what the word means, Pitchguest.

  9. says

    Again, that’s the best they can do?

    It’s not funny, on point, or even relevant — and they call it “satire”?

    And really? This shit? This shit is totally Middle School. Immature. And uncool, because bullying.

  10. John Horstman says

    @Lady Mondegreen #15: To be fair, Pitchguest doesn’t know what a lot of words mean. And that’s a somewhat understandable mistake: all satire is ridicule, but not all ridicule is satire, and many people have trouble with the affirming the consequent fallacy.

    I’m not even sure what the joke or mockery or “satire” is supposed to be in the picture with Ophelia ‘shopped in next to Bruce Jenner. Is proximity to a celebrity or someone who may be transitioning gender supposed to be inherently funny or demeaning or something? That one actually makes less sense to me than the GIFs of Ophelia looking like a normal human being in the last batch. I also don’t understand the ones of Ophelia sitting in some kind of rocket chair – is she a supervillain with a badass escape device?

  11. says

    Conservatives always fail at satire, no matter in which way they are conservative or what status quo they are determined to perpetuate.
    Before long I expect to hear one defend a physical attack as satire.

  12. Hj Hornbeck says

    Hmm, I’m still puzzling out why some people would go to such lengths with Photoshop. Here’s my current thinking, with no particular order:

    1. Joining the SlymePit is as easy as hating the right people, and members are rewarded for bringing in new material to hate on. Digging up contradictions is a chore, though, and requires exposing yourself to the ideas of the people you’re hating (which could inadvertently change your mind about them, leading to ostracism). Creating something may also be a chore, but it does insulate you from your target’s ideas and is more likely to win respect and admiration than a link.

    2. The Sunk Cost Fallacy. It’s remarkably good at encouraging us to continue with a bad decision, even as doubts flower. That goes triply for something you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into, like a Photoshop. The creator will bend over backwards to find justifications for it, ditto the viewer, and the better they get at self-justifying the more likely they are to continue posting art. Quite frankly, a lot of SlymePitter actions make sense when viewed from this bullet point.

    3. Some people just like makin’ art, and all art reflects your personality and interests. So an artist who hangs around a lot in a hate forum will produce hateful art, and enjoy it more than non-hateful kinds.

  13. Holms says

    Awww Pitchguest, there I was thinking you were better with words than johngreg – whose approach is to insert smart sounding words randomly into sentences – but it seems I overestimated.

  14. says

    Even if we accepted their bullshit definition of satire, it’s not like “satire” is some blanket excuse for whatever you want to say. Spend five minutes on A Good Cartoon and you’ll see plenty of examples of political cartoon style “satire” that’s racist, homophobic, misogynist, or otherwise offensively bigoted. Being a satirist does is not incompatible with being a shithead bigot.

  15. kellym says

    The fact that Hemant Mehta simply Does Not Care that his support of the Slymepit helps their unrelenting abuse and harassment of several genuinely good people, tells you everything you would ever need to know about him.
    Organized Atheism has some serious ethical failings. I’ve decided to stay far far away.

  16. Gen, Uppity Ingrate and Ilk says

    The fact that Hemant Mehta simply Does Not Care that his support of the Slymepit helps their unrelenting abuse and harassment of several genuinely good people, tells you everything you would ever need to know about him.
    Organized Atheism has some serious ethical failings. I’ve decided to stay far far away.

    I agree completely. Hope you don’t mind if I yoink this?

  17. Donnie says

    @10 Pitch guest

    Satire, Ophelia. Satire.

    Point. Pitchguest. Point

    How many times dies satire need to be explained to you. Satire exists to make a point. There is no point to the above imagines, except…..”Ha! Ha! What next crude thing can we do to an imag if those not in our tribe”.

    Your defense of saying “satire” reminds me of a racist defending a statement by “I was just joking”.

    Of course, not care. Your purpose is solely to shit stir and be a drama-llmana at people pointing out crude, sexist, and pointless photoshops.

  18. Daniel Schealler says

    Pitchguest: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    I’m very much pro-satire. But those images are not satire. They are harassment.

    That you are confused as to the difference between the two does not speak volumes to your credibility.

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