“It is our conclusion that CBC management condoned this behaviour”​​

The CBC tells us there’s a report saying the CBC did a bad job of dealing with Jian Ghomeshi.

CBC failed to provide its staff a workplace “free from disrespectful and abusive behaviour,” says the report of an independent investigator hired to examine the corporation’s handling of the behaviour of former radio and television host Jian Ghomeshi.

Janice Rubin, a Toronto employment lawyer with expertise in the field of workplace harassment, says in the report that Ghomeshi’s behaviour violated CBC standards, and that his behaviour was “considered to create an intimidating, humiliating, hostile or offensive work environment.”

The report says that as information was shared “upwards,” it had a tendency to become “diluted.”

“Less prevalent, but also present in a small number of cases, was behaviour that constituted sexual harassment,” the report says, although it asserts that management was unaware of any complaints or allegations about sexual harassment.

It also says management failed to take steps in accordance with its own policies.

“It is our conclusion that CBC management condoned this behaviour.”​​

It’s so familiar, isn’t it? Ghomeshi is a star. He brings us viewers. He’s a star. These other people…well they’re just behind the scenes people, anybody can do what they do, if they quit we can easily replace them. But Ghomeshi? He’s a star. A star. You can’t replace a star, because a star is a star.

In an interview with CBC’s Ioanna Roumeliotis, [executive vice-president of English Services Heather] Conway said what concerns her the most is that “there was a persistent pattern of behaviour that wasn’t dealt with, because that is a series of missed opportunities, and over a period of years.”

Because Ghomeshi was a star over a period of years. They don’t want to get rid of their star. We’ve seen this before; we’re still seeing this right now. Protect the star, even if it requires persecuting the people who are reporting that the star does bad things. Protect the star at all costs. Throw the underlings overboard.

Several women contacted police, accusing Ghomeshi of harassment and violence. He now faces eight charges, which include seven counts of sexual assault and one of overcoming resistance by choking.

He has repeatedly denied taking part in any violent, non-consensual sexual acts.

Ghomeshi’s lawyer has said he intends to plead not guilty to the charges.

Ghomeshi is free on $100,000 bail with numerous conditions.

He is due to return to court on April 28.

Isn’t that supposed to be [named individual]?


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … his behaviour was “considered to create an intimidating, humiliating, hostile or offensive work environment.”


  2. says

    @1: The relevant legal docs are probably worded exactly that way, ie. any one of these things is a violation of the regulations. Rubin is just quoting that verbatim by way of saying: Yes, management Officially Fucked Up. Because lawyers tend to talk that way.

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