“Dan Savage recently made a lewd smear against Pope John Paul II”

Catholic thought leaders are upset and angry about a proposed new sitcom that they say is based on the life of Dan Savage. Well they say it’s based on the life of anti-religious bigot Dan Savage, to be exact.

April 21, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Catholic leaders joined the Media Research Center (MRC), the Family Research Council (FRC), and the American Family Association (AFA) in a national campaign to educate the public about a Disney ABC sitcom pilot based on the life of anti-religious bigot Dan Savage. MRC and FRC sent a letter to Ben Sherwood, president of Disney/ABC Television Group, nearly four weeks ago urging him to pull the plug on the new show but have still not received a response.

Still no response! Sounds like anti-Catholic bigotry, for sure. Normally entertainment executives are eager to get into discussions with people who tell them to pull the plug on shows that aren’t Catholic enough.

Dan Savage’s vulgarity and violent rhetoric is well-documented. Savage is unapologetic in his promotion of filth masquerading as humor. His new show, ironically titled “The Real O’Neals,” is a platform he does not deserve. Even so, Disney ABC continues to remain silent as pro-family and pro-faith organizations call for it to reconsider its decision to promote this bigoted, hate-filled man.

What is Disney doing giving this terrible man a platform? No one like that should have a platform. All his platforms should be taken away, until none but Catholic platforms remain.

“Disney ABC continues to circle the wagon and ignore the anti-religious bigot in their midst,” said MRC President Brent Bozell. “We will not relent in exposing Dan Savage for the vile hate he spews at conservatives, Catholics, and evangelicals. Disney ABC’s silence is shameful.”

Hmm. That reminds me of something. I wonder what it could be…

Then LifeSiteNews provides a string of statements from various outraged thought leaders.

“Dan Savage recently made a lewd smear against Pope John Paul II on Twitter in which he accused him of being a child molester. This is sadly typical of Dan Savage, who has a history of making X-rated personal attacks. Why would Disney hire this man for one of their TV shows? And why would advertisers want to be associated with such vile attacks on Catholics?”
– Brian Burch, President, CatholicVote.org

Huh, that too sounds oddly familiar…

“The idea that the vulgar, insulting, outrageous Dan Savage would rate consideration for a sitcom on ABC Disney only confirms the obvious fact that, culturally, our nation is in a moral free fall.  What other reason could there be for partnering with a man who has spent much of his adult life insulting God, His followers, and His Church? How low will society go before courageous Americans stand up and say enough? The time is now to raise our voices. Join us in opposing this most recent embrace of media bigotry that has no place in a civilized nation.”
– Judie Brown, President, American Life League Inc.

Hahahaha Dan Savage gets people as riled up as PZ does.

Then LifeSiteNews provides a Little List:

Dan Savage has made numerous comments about conservatives, evangelicals, and Catholics that offend basic standards of decency. They include:

  • Proclaiming that he sometimes thinks about “f***ing the shit out of” Senator Rick Santorum
  • Calling for Christians at a high school conference to “ignore the bulls*** in the Bible”
  • Saying that “the only thing that stands between my d*** and Brad Pitt’s mouth is a piece of paper” when expressing his feelings on Pope Benedict’s opposition to gay “marriage”
  • Promoting marital infidelity
  • Saying “Carl Romanelli should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.”
  • Telling Bill Maher that he wished Republicans “were all f***ing dead”
  • Telling Dr. Ben Carson to “suck my d***. Name the time and place and I’ll bring my d*** and a camera crew and you can s*** me off and win the argument.”

I hope we are all suitably chastened.


  1. Stacey C. says

    I’m not particularly fond of Dan Savage given some of his other positions, but I’m totally with him if he’s pissing off the folks listed above. Good work!

  2. aziraphale says

    “s***”? I wonder what that can mean. If only there were some way of finding out from the context.

  3. PatrickG says

    aziraphale, I just don’t know. The other “suck” is fully spelled out, so it must be something else.

    Confused here!

  4. NitricAcid says

    Carson deserved it, I think, for claiming that being gay was a choice. So prove it- choose to be gay, at least for the one encounter.

  5. Lady Mondegreen says

    I expect Atheist Ireland fully sympathizes with these Catholic organizations in their dismay at vulgarity, violent rhetoric, and the smearing of Leaders. Not to mention their frustration at having their concerns ignored.

  6. luzclara says

    I adore vulgar Dan Savage and wish him all success in every single goddamn thing he ever does!

  7. says

    Then LifeSiteNews provides a string of statements from various outraged thought leaders.

    “Dan Savage recently made a lewd smear against Pope John Paul II on Twitter in which he accused him of being a child molester.

    Then LifeSiteNews provides a string of statements they thought would outrage people, but they don’t. I have objections to Dan Savage, but not for him criticizing pedophile priests.

    They call themselves “thought leaders” because nobody will let them lead anything else. Except maybe their own choir.

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