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Richard Dawkins tweeted yesterday:

changerofbits ‏@changerofbits 21 hours ago
@RichardDawkins Why are trusting anything to Jonathan Monsarrat at RDF/SPI? … Because he’ll sue you if you don’t?

Richard Dawkins ‏@RichardDawkins
@changerofbits If, by RDF, you mean the Richard Dawkins Foundation, Monsarrat has no connection with it.

At the Richard Dawkins Foundation:


Here’s another one.

And then there’s this public Facebook announcement in 2013:

Call for Volunteers

Johnny Monsarrat is a volunteer traveling with the Richard Dawkins book tour, which is coming to DC on Sep 29 and 30.

The Richard Dawkins Foundation is about to announce some big new projects and to make an impact with the media and decision-makers, we need numbers. Our goal is to add 100,000 signups to our newsletter by November 1. At each event, we need a dozen volunteers to help us work a table in the lobby, speak with people, and pass around clipboards with sign up forms. Free tickets to the event will be provided to volunteers on the evening of the event IF it is not sold out.

Please contact Johnny directly via email if you can help:

And there’s Johnny Monsarrat’s own page at the Secular Policy Institute:


Click to enlarge.

So, no connection with the Richard Dawkins Foundation? No connection at all?


H/t Hj Hornbeck

Updating to add: More – lots more – in a new post by Hj Hornbeck.


  1. quentinlong says

    It’s really quite simple, Ophelia: War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery. Johnny Monsarrat has no connection with the Richard Dawkins Foundation. We have always been at war with Eastasia…

  2. Ben Finney says

    Any sign of Dawkins actually answering the question with regard to SPI? His response above is noteworthy for that omission.

  3. themadtapper says

    *puts on a Dawkins mask*

    Why are you complaining while there are women wearing burqas out there? Shouldn’t you be contemplating how awful Islam is rather than concerning yourself with my totally-not-a-connection with my former Alliance Director and current SPI colleague? Clearly you took my statement completely out of context as an excuse to rage blog. Why can’t you be shamelessly dishonest emotionlessly rational like me?

  4. johnthedrunkard says

    I’m a regular reader here, but I have NO clue who the fuck Johnny Monsarrat is.

    (Checking linked matter)

    Oh, more booze in action.

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