1. Andrew B. says

    It doesn’t look creepy, they look to be having a gay old time, just a bunch of chums hangin’ out after school at the local diner. I think they should be ‘shopped into more photographs and paintings.

  2. John Morales says

    I confess I don’t get what the import of the friend’s comment might be, though I assume it’s intended as mockery.

    (Is it just whimsical?)

  3. Andrew B. says

    It’s just such a casual shot for a group of people who are setting out to do no less than change the world. It’s more like everyone on Richard Dawkin’s rolodex just showed up to a party and posed for a photo.

    I did think about the dogs playing poker (there are 16 variants of that painting, I just learned!), or maybe American Gothic as an alternative. Ooooh! Washington crossing the Delaware!

  4. Z says

    Ummm, I’m a bit uncomfortable with that. There is a group notorious for Photoshopping their Designated Villains into various “funny” pictures…

  5. Bluntnose says

    I don’t get it. Is the idea that they are desolate, washed up and alone like the other night hawks although they do not realise it?

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