You will see this wonderful gift on stage tonight

NBC News has found just the right defensive label for Bill Cosby – he’s “embattled.”

DENVER — Embattled comedian Bill Cosby told NBC News that the show must go on as he ignored protests over sexual-assault allegations and took the stage in Colorado Saturday night.

In a 15 minute phone call with NBC News hours before appearing at Denver’s Buell Theater, the entertainer would not comment specifically on the growing list of accusations from more than 20 women.

He can’t; some of them are likely to go to court. Two women (so far) are pressing criminal charges.

Instead of talking about the accusations he told NBC how fabulous he is.

“What you’ll see tonight is history, you’ll get to see me on stage. I will share this gift that was given to me with the people of Denver tonight,” he said.

“You will see this wonderful gift on stage tonight [at the show] as well as the people of Denver,” he added. “You will see a master at work.”

His comments came on the heels of a packed show in Pueblo, Colorado…

It’s so heart-warming that a guy can be accused of rape by more than 20 women and still pack the hall.

Backstage before the show, Chuck Morris — ‪president and CEO of AEG Live Rocky Mountains, the promotion company that hosted Cosby — defended his decision to put the comedian onstage despite the allegations against him. Cosby, through his lawyer, has denied wrongdoing.

“We didn’t feel it was our place to play God, judge or jury, when Mr. Cosby has not been convicted or even charged with any crime,” said Morris, who added that Cosby declined offers in recent weeks to cancel other shows.

“I felt that we had a moral obligation to go on with the show. We didn’t feel it was right to cancel a show based strictly on accusations. If there had been a conviction or an admission of guilt, it would have been a different story,” he added.

Right. It’s a moral obligation to believe the famous rich guy and disbelieve the multiple women who say he raped them. For sure.


  1. Steven says

    It’s also noteworthy that they call it sexual assault, when it’s actually rape he’s been accused of.

  2. axxyaan says

    I’m not sure it is correct to frame Chuck Morris’s reaction as believing the famous rich guy. It looks more like giving the famous rich guy the benefit of the doubt. A rather big benefit IMO giving the circumstances, but it doesn’t imply believing.

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