A beautiful new Jesus and Mo today.


I just love that last panel – it expresses what I’m always struggling to express in words – the notional quality of the putative “love” for the putative prophet.

I also love the presence of the Charlie cover.

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  1. lorn says

    I like the fact that they reference themselves as ideas. Ideas that potentially run and ruin lives. Ideas that are optimized to overcome resistance by using known flaws in the cognitive system of the human mind, and to reprogram it and cause the infected person to think and act in ways they normally would not. Specifically religion is a form of self-replicating program that infects the human mind.

  2. John Morales says

    lorn, the ideas don’t reference themselves as ideas, so it’s not just wishful thinking to depict them as if they did, but incongruous.

    (Or: it doesn’t work for me, the “disappearing in a puff of logic” thing notwithstanding)

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