Red card

Taslima has a connection to Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo has been supporting my freedom of expression.

Check it out – she’s on the cover of issue 120.




  1. mildlymagnificent says

    I don’t get the cartoon, but cool.

    40+ years ago, I studied French for several years. At one time I was delighted to note that not only was I reasonably fluent in speaking, I caught myself thinking in French. But there was a huge problem. I could read articles in French magazines almost as fast and easily as English equivalents, but I could not, try as I might, understand the cartoons. I could work out the words. I could recognise the links to various current or historical events and personalities. But I couldn’t see the humour. I couldn’t even see the point.

    There’s more to language and comprehension and knowledge of history and culture than just language and comprehension and knowledge of history and culture. Culture has to be lived, not just known.

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