Tell us more about Abort67, you ask.

Wikipedia has information.

Abort67 is a pro-life protest group in the UK known for using hardline tactics such as holding protests outside of abortion clinics, counselling people going in or out of the clinics, and displaying graphic images of aborted fetuses. Such tactics are considered unusual and extreme in the UK, although they are more common in the US. Abort67 receives financial support from US anti-abortion groups,[1] and the graphic images which they use in protests also come from the US.[2]

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Of course it does and of course they do. I hate my country sometimes. It feels very disgraceful to be part of it sometimes – well, make that often.

They have a Facebook page. Content note: graphic images. The comments on the page are not admiring.

There’s a petition urging them to stop trying to intimidate women outside clinics.

Abortion Rights belives that women should be able to access information and abortion services free from intimidation and harassment so that they can make their own decisions on the termination of their pregnancy.

Abort67 appear to be trying to shut down these services by intimidating staff, service users and local residents.

‘We the undersigned support the provision of local abortion services for women across London.

We are appalled by a campaign by anti-abortion extremists – and Abort67 in particular – who are systematically attempting to prevent NHS-funded abortion services being available to local women in Southwark.

We condemn those who protest outside abortion clinics showing graphic images of aborted foetuses, with the intent to intimidate and harass women as they access advice and support about an unplanned pregnancy, or a pregnancy they cannot continue with.

We believe that women should be able to freely access abortion services and their private choices should be respected.

We feel that having banners waved in their faces or being confronted by those who know nothing of their circumstances is harassment.

Healthcare providers should be able to offer women support and care free from intimidation.

One in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime. We stand by the women of London who will need that care and the doctors and nurses who provide it.’

That’s Abort67.


  1. karmacat says

    It is funny how religious people are always saying to trust god because he will take care of you and your baby. Yet they think they have to help their “all powerful” god by protesting abortion clinics. And when I say funny, I mean fucking hypocritical

  2. brett says

    I’ve heard US anti-choice groups are also funneling money into Ireland’s anti-choice groups as well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have connections to other groups elsewhere. The US is like Saudi Arabia in that regard – we’ve got a bunch of well-funded religious fanatics who export their unpleasant ideology and money all over the world.

  3. guest says

    Me too. I had no idea this kind of crap was a thing here. I knew there must be anti-abortion people around, there’s always a crazy or two, and you may recall a failed attempt a few years ago to get the government to reduce the time period when women could have abortions ‘because fetuses feel pain’, but I didn’t know there was a funded and organised effort to get this ugliness out there.

  4. Iain Walker says

    Petition has been signed. Thanks for linking to it.

    It’s always worth remembering that anti-abortion tactics in the UK aren’t limited to eccentric right-wing MPs like Nadine Dorries clumsily trying to sneak restrictions on abortion into legislation. The problems here are of a lesser magnitude than in the US, but we still do have them.

    As a certain one-eyed Harry Potter character would say: “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!”

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