1. says

    Hahaha, yeah Blanche – I would if I could. It goes for an affordable 3 mill.

    I just love Victorian gingerbread, and this is one of the more spectacular examples I’ve seen.

  2. chrislawson says

    Ophelia, if you’re willing to sell out everything you hold dear, I’m sure the American Enterprise Institute would be happy to help with your deposit.

  3. Uncle Ebeneezer says

    We were just up in Seattle in April and stayed with a friend on Mercer Isle. My wife was positively enchanted with the amazing architecture. The wonderful Craftsmans and Victorians were the highlight of the trip (well, second to the Tulip Festival.) Such a lovely city.

  4. Phillip Hallam-Baker says

    You don’t have to spend $3 million to get that look.

    Its basically a $30K siding job plus a $20K paint job. There are houses you could buy here in the Boston metro area for around $400K that you could start from.

    Of course, if you don’t start with the turret you would have to add it and that would get pricey.

    I want to do similar to our house, the current siding is a very boring white.

  5. says

    True. I later read the flyer – which has an unusually large amount of text for a flyer – and learned that all that dazzle on the outside is a new restoration, which included removing white stucco. It was probably never painted that way when it was built – more like white or grey with green trim, I suppose.

    Much of the 3 million has to do with the neighborhood and the position and the huge lot.

    I wish more people would paint their houses that way.

  6. Trebuchet says

    Just visit my second (and future) home of Port Townsend, Ophelia. Only a ferry and a bridge away. Or two bridges, if you don’t mind passing through Tacoma. I’m sure you can find a lovely Victorian there for just ONE million! (My place there, for the record, is a 1974 doublewide.)

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