Meet Pro-life Waco

So, thanks to artymorty, here is Pro-Life Waco and its campaign against Planned Parenthood complete with STOP Planned Promiscuity sign.

Right at the top you get its ideal, which is a pretty and dainty white lady lying down flat with a baby pasted to her front. That’s how we like our ladies: white, and pretty and dainty, and recumbent, and pasted to a baby.


They had a campaign against a sex education program by Planned Parenthood, with its own website that looks a lot like the original website, complete with recumbent white lady pasted to baby.


Planned Parenthood Promiscuity

corrupting your community, America, and the world.

John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco

Using Planned Parenthood’s own words and deeds, this page unmasks their agenda for children as the Celebration of Fornication.”

Pisciotta presents his deep thinking on the subject.

What follows is almost unbelievable material that unmasks Planned Parenthood schemes to capture our children and grandchildren. When I think I have understood how bad this organization is, they always surprise me and reveal they are even worse. In deceptive statements, Planned Parenthood may claim to promote abstinence. In reality thiswolf in sheep skin promotes promiscuity and its own profit and power.

I have come to believe that promotion of promiscuity is more central to the “DNA” of Planned Parenthood than abortion. Going back to its founder, Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood has always promoted free sex and attempted to melt away the roles of parents and religion. Abortion can be seen as a pernicious outgrowth of the corrupted belief that promiscuity can be lived without difficult consequences. Moreover, to the extent that Christians can turn themselves and others from promiscuity to chastity, abortion fades away. As self-giving love, commitment, and marriage strengthen, the holocaust recedes.

So now we know where those signs came from.


  1. Brony says

    Well isn’t that just typical of pro-life politics.
    “Click here to see Planned Parenthood’s 10-Point Agenda for Children.”
    I clicked and it has no links to planned parenthood documents. I’m expected to just accept them at fact value. I see similar problems with all their other links.

    This is something I encounter over and over and over with “pro-life” folks including and especially my parents. They almost never directly link to planned parenthood documents to support their rhetoric, only articles by their own folks with little ability to see if their characterizations match reality. When I see one of these on Facebook and I have the emotional energy for it I start taking the role of a person that can’t determine if what is being said is true and therefore there is no reason to trust these folks. It’s all an echo-chamber of characterizations until they sound like birds perfecting calls. “Planned Promiscuity” being an example of a bird call.

    I’m starting to think that embracing some of their tactics might be useful given that the threat to persons comes from their direction most often so it’s more rational. Start recording them and taking license plate numbers. After all you can’t always know which of them will snap and get violent next and it would be nice to know who they were associating with and it’s easy for any pro-choice person to have reasons in the form of past violence. Start protesting at churches that these protestors come from. Those are after all the places where the social network that creates this mess have been coming from and there is a completely fair social symmetry in this (also they will probably very quickly see the benefit in protest exclusion zones).

  2. says

    Yeah, while reading, I kept thinking “So, where is this shocking material?” and was always left hanging. Until, finally, at the end, there’s a link to a PDF containing drawings from a sex ed book.


  3. says

    “Abortion can be seen as a pernicious outgrowth of the corrupted belief that promiscuity can be lived without difficult consequences.”

    There it is. Abortion isn’t their REAL problem, it’s women being in charge of their sexuality. How dare you have consequence free sex? Don’t you know God made childbirth painful and potentially fatal because you filthy sluts were the ones who ate the magical fruit in the first place?

    Never mind that consequence-free sex has always been an option for men, especially when women are shamed for it.

  4. otrame says

    Considering that the definition* of promiscuity is “someone who has more sex than I do” it’s not surprising that those people are always talking about it. Almost everyone has more sex than they do. They resent that and desperately want to put an end to it.

    * not the dictionary definition, the actual definition.

  5. Al Dente says

    These people are the puritans that HL Mencken wrote about:

    Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.

  6. lorn says

    I think it should be Promoting [safe] Promiscuity but Promoting Promiscuity still works for me.

  7. stever says

    “Pro-Life Waco?” I think you left out a “k.”
    I second the idea of turning the anti-abortion terrorists’ tactics back at them. Photograph them, record everything they say in public, collect car license numbers, and publish their photos, names and addresses under headlines like “THIS PERSON IS LINKED TO AN ORGANIZATION THAT BELIEVES THAT ARSON CAN BE A GOOD THING.”

  8. Sylvia says

    There’s only one pro-life organization I donate to: They send part time staff to the new mom. Cleaning help, cooking help, help for the other kids doing homework, volunteer taxi service, free formula, free diapers, free baby clothes, other financial help. Babysitting when the mom goes back to work. Help help help. Because the moment of birth is not the only moment that matters.

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