1. Chris J says

    Pretty sure that since the court explicitly stated they have to assume that the religious belief is sincerely held, employers don’t have to try to find an existing religion that opposes things they don’t like. I’m predicting that the prophets of Promar, god of Industry and Wealth, will soon awaken to their lord’s call.

    Promar teaches that profitability is the measure of ones character (“I say to you that Promar blesses those who have wealth, and wealth are the blessings of Promar”), that the employee should be subservient to the employer in all things (“As the employer servers Promar, so shall the employee serve the employer, that prosperity may trickle down from on high”), that the corporate person is humanity’s next stage in evolution whose rights are absolute (“Shout praises unto the Corporate Person, anoint his feet with oil and hold him above all others, for he that is many united as one shall inherit this world”), that labor unions are an abomination (“… that sinful amalgamation, wailing and gnashing, is the most pitiful and most despise in this world, for he cannot reason with a single voice and must gather many to shout in a horrid simulacrum of his master”), and that the minimum wage must be abolished (“And who shall judge a man’s worth but those in the position of judging? And who shall dispense the coin of a man’s labor but the one who holds the purse? Therefore let none but the employer, who knows the nature of his employees, determine what the earnings shall be”).

    I hear that Promar’s followers are already scattered about this world, waiting for the trumpet’s call that will unite them and reveal to them the true nature of that which they follow.

  2. Ed says

    The Simpsons should do a parody of this with Mr. Burns belonging to some kind of weird esoteric cult and imposing it on the plant’s workers.

    The Cthulhu example in the previous post was great. I read a humor article sliding the ten commandments in government buildings issue by having a story about a Cthulhu-worshipping official setting up a statue of his god in the town hall and being challenged by the ACLU.

    But seriously, I think there’s some hope because at some point Christian employees will be required to submit to the standards of some other religion at work and the only way they could do anything about it would be to pressure the government to reverse these “corporate freedom of religion” policies, even if it means adding a “worker’s freedom from the boss`religion” amendment to the Constitution.

    Until then, I hope many Christians(or rather, the ones who support Hobby Lobby) have the privilege of having to follow halal dietary restrictions at lunch time, or do without restrooms until they are rennovated to turn the toilets in the opposite direction from Mecca. Voodoo or Wicca in the workplace would be better yet for changing their minds fast.

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