1. Robert Smythson says

    I have a particular attachment to Hardwick, being the child of a re-enactor, when I was eight I spent a freezing cold January weekend at the Old Hall, just adjacent, being all Elizabethan. As any fule kno the best part of that whole lark is getting into places when or where the public aren’t allowed. The view from the rooftop prospect house left rather an impression. I eventually became an architecture student and Robert Smythson became a hero of mine, even after I had to write about him. My cousin now lives next to Wollaton, so I can make occasional pilgrimages. When you posted your “more glass than wall” you tickled me out of lurking (rather like a trout), so much so that I posted a rather impassioned screed about the whole Trojan horse thing. Not sure if that was altogether wise but the whole thing’s been making me so angry. I like these digressive posts. People are about more than what they do or don’t believe.

  2. says

    I’m glad I lured you out of lurking – and delighted by your story! Do you know A S Byatt’s novel A Virgin in the Garden? It’s all about that, albeit at a fictitious great house rather than a real one.

    And I hope you don’t consider the Trojan Horse comment too unwise, because it’s so informative I promptly put it on the front page.

  3. Robert Smythson says

    Many thanks. Didn’t know about the book but will look it up and no doubt add it to the pile on the bedside table.

  4. Trebuchet says

    I did figure out where it was and looked up the house. Sounds like an interesting place! I was just expecting the previous post to be interactive or something!

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