Make lemonade

Reading the tweets at #womenaretoohardtoanimate is very funny.

Why it’s almost worth being the despised superfluous tiresome hard to draw alien sex, just to be able to read such hilarious tweets!

One of Soraya’s –

because, really, in our idealized worlds, isn’t it just better if they don’t exist? They’re SO COMPLICATED.

A few others –

i can never get the hundred flailing tendrils right

with all the crying, menstruating, and nagging. How can we draw it ALL?!

cos you have to start from scratch, unlike with male forms that spring whole from the designers cloven forehead.

and it’s not historically accurate b/c everyone knows during the french rev. women and POC weren’t invented yet


  1. Pliny the in Between says

    Well, speaking as one whose series has 3 female and 1 male main character, I don’t think that women are that hard to illustrate.

  2. dexitroboper says

    My favourite was

    Women are hard to put in games because our chitinous exoskeletons refract light in ways that render us invisible to the naked eye. #ubisoft— Rachel Edidin (@RaeBeta) June 11, 2014

  3. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    Dudebro animators: “Uhh, if we DO add some chicks, is it okay if we give them all physics-defying giant breasts and very little clothing?”

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