Paying it forward

A comrade needs help. [Right-click to open new window if you want to avoid an ad opening.]

As you know, last year Finbar was diagnosed with cancerous growths on his lymph nodes. After months of worry, they were removed and all seemed well. Unfortunately they have reappeared and none of the doctors know what is going on yet. More surgery is some weeks away. This is obviously an incredibly stressful situation for Fin, made worse by the fact that last year due to his inability to study he was kicked off Austudy and left in a financial hole he hasn’t been able to recover from. Because of this, Fin is being evicted from his home.

Part of the reason Fin is in such dire straits is that he gave away all of his savings to help someone else who was facing losing their home. Fin was also very helpful to me and my family when my brother Simon was dying of cancer. If anyone deserves some help with a home and cancer, it’s Fin.

Fin has a lot of academic talent, and the money raised will give him the much needed mental space to think about where he wants to go next now that his Honours has been submitted, and to make moves in that direction.

Thank you comrades.


  1. Trebuchet says

    A$1840 pledged of A$1500 target. In twelve hours. People are awesome. Crowdsourcing is awesome.

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