1. Wylann says

    Militant atheists!!11!one!1eleventy!1!1!!!!!!

    Sorry, figured I’d head the nutbars off at the proverbial pass.

  2. busterggi says

    I figure Lovecraft already stated the basic philosophy for science – never bring up that which you cannot put back down.

  3. doubtthat says

    Well, Krauss did a masterful job of proving the usefulness of philosophy, however unintentionally.

  4. hoary puccoon says

    I’m sorry. I won’t go into again the outcome of my second pregnancy, as I did a few months ago. But I can barely stand to read Pig–whatever’s name, let alone listen to him. When he apologizes to women who have had third trimester abortions for using their tragedies as a cute debating ploy, maybe I’ll be able to consider what else he has to say.

    But not until then.


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