If Hobby Lobby can do business with China

That News Corpse article provides interesting information.

Hobby Lobby pays millions of dollars to stock their shelves with cheap products made in China, a country where abortion is legal and is even provided by the government for free – when they aren’t forcing it on women who want their babies. It is impossible to accept that the company is unconditionally opposed to a voluntary form of preventive health care that obviates the need for an abortion, while supporting a system that encourages abortion outright. If Hobby Lobby can do business with China when the profit motive compels them to, they cannot simultaneously pretend that an American woman having access to an insurance policy that includes coverage for contraception is some sort of abomination against their Lord.

So now I’m wondering how many Tea Partiers and Focus on the Familyers and bishops and other such meddlers have closets and cabinets and garages bulging with shirts and toys and running shoes made in China. My guess? Most of them.


  1. Al Dente says

    It’s the same as the Teapartiers demanding the gummint keep their grubby paws off of Medicare. Same level of hypocrisy.

  2. Jenora Feuer says

    Slacktivist commented on this back in December:

    To recap then, mandatory birth control in China is of no moral concern for Hobby Lobby, but access to voluntary birth control for American women is something it will fight all the way to the Supreme Court. The company has no conscientious objection to forced abortion in China if such objection would interfere with its ability to get kitschy rooster ornaments for pennies for the dollar. But preventive health insurance for female employees violates it’s deepest purported religious convictions.

  3. says

    Wait, it gets better:


    So yeah, despite their outspoken religious objections, they’re still investing their employees’ money in companies that actually make the products they so loathe.

    So yeah, this isn’t about abortion. This is about controlling the sexual behavior of their employees.

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