1. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    @1.kevinalexander : I don’t think it is what I think you think it is here! Look more closely.

    Also don’t insult dinosaurs – they were a highly successful category of impressive and remarkably diverse animals that lasted for many hundreds of millions of years. From 231 and half or so till 66 or so million years ago* to be semi-exact~ish. So if the Catholic Church and papacy think they’ve been aroudn for awhile -thedinos got ’em well and truly beat by many orders of magnitude!

    * See : for wiki-basics.

  2. haitied says

    It’s almost as if there is something missing from the story. “He good man” until you realize he stands for everything his predecessor did. “Pope Nice” until you look at the Catholic church’s history in South America. All in all I think this is a clever way of illuminating the thoughtless praise this man gets for making some mildly positive platitudes, while still running the Catholic mechanism the way it has been with few actual changes.

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