They sinisterly misinterpret

Mo Dawah is doing something to restore my faith in the capacity of at least one or two people to refrain from going apheshit over pretend-insults like drawing a cartoon of what was that guy’s name again?

MoDawah @kingofdawah

We Must Not Allow Our Cohesion To Be Threatened By Those Who Threaten It By Saying It Is Threatened …

“I am the community leader of peace. So I urge the whole community to stay calm. Until my signal.”

You must not take things I say out of context or I’ll be offended. If you tell me to stop taking things you say out of context, also offended.

Going to start a petition to protest against people stereotyping me as intolerant just because I started a petition promoting intolerance.

We need more co-operation between community leaders and the rest of society for peace and cohesion. So co-operate with us, or else.

We must protest against people saying community leaders are sinister, simply because we do & [say] things they sinisterly misinterpret as sinister

I absolutely support my right to tell you what you can say, think, tweet or do, in order to save the honour of the community.

Anyone who describes my strategy to punish those who offend me as the community leader version of The Schlieffen Plan is an absolute rotter.

Very offending.

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