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So it’s cold in Champaign-Urbana today. It was forecast to be cold yesterday. Nevertheless classes and operations were scheduled to go ahead. The chancellor, Phyllis Wise, emailed the students yesterday to tell them so. They responded with sexist racist attacks on Twitter.

Well of course they did. What else does one do when a woman does something one dislikes?

Andrei Andreev@AndreiAndreev33 Follow

It’s going to be -27 without wind chill tomorrow morning and I have class at 8 #FuckPhyllis #Cunt #Bitch #Whore

phyllis can go shove tomorrow’s weather up her wideset vagina. #fuckphyllis

I hope you slip on ice and break a hip #fuckphyllis

Asians and women aren’t responsible for their actions #FuckPhyllis

And so on.

People just can’t get it right, can they. Satire of religion? Shout the place down. Personal attacks using sexist and racist tropes? Fun fun fun.

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  1. rnilsson says

    So, these are adult students? Paying tuition, hoping to make their grade one day? From this very university? (Medical faculty?) In a continental climate with great lakes for windy snow-cannons? But they can’t be bothered to get their sorry be-hinds out of bed to go study, only tweet vile obscenities?

    I’d say, if they fail to appear after that particular show of bravery, flunk’em. Put them out in the cold street to reconsider applying for the course again, next year. With proper proof of contrition, of course, as well as bonus points in empathy and general people-competence. In writing.

    And, at the risk of committing a similar categorical error by conflating all the complainants: What does a character named Andrei Andreev have to say about hardship of American continental winter weather conditions?

  2. Al Dente says

    Wait until those students get into the workforce. A lot of companies don’t close for a mere cold snap or snowfall.

  3. rnilsson says

    Not so sure I would want to let them get into a medical profession with that kind of “learning” in their baggage. If/when I become so ill as to need medical attention, please bring me more people-capable personnel to my aid.

    No, kick them out now and let others have a chance to get that job, who might be less bad at it to begin with.

  4. says

    Well, and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be an Asian patient facing any of these doctors, would you? Evil, empathyless fuckers.

    Note the dog-whistle racism of “wideset vagina”, referring to an abominable bit of anti-Asian misogynAsia. Intersectionality! It’s in your Tweetriver.

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