1. chigau (違う) says

    That is a beautiful™ thing.
    I carve my own out of soap or mold it from Wonderbread

  2. says

    If you mold it from Wonderbread then you only need to say the magic words and you have the real thing! To make it perfect you can get a tasty bottle of blood from the local off-licence.

  3. medivh says

    Thieving from Bill Hicks: “if Jesus where here, he’d probably have an Uzi on him. Don’t you think he would? ‘The prince of peace is back! But he’s pissed off!'”

  4. Z says

    I don’t know who wrote that product caption, but that’s clearly a mortar, not a “rocket launcher”, despite the superficial visual similarity between mortar shells and RPG rounds. /pedant

  5. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Note that the ad for this says :

    “Includes projectile bombs with depleted uranium tips.”

    That sorta sounds a bit illegal and very unsafe for the kiddies (well and everyone else!) to me!

    I’m guessing its not really tipped with depleted uranium though so . false advertising suit anyone?

  6. rnilsson says

    Depleted uranium plastic. ‘Cos it’s light, see?

    And the hero looks rather bored to me. Not enough to do the last 2000 years? Or just P-d off to return as a toy boy? Well, he could have been a 12″ pianist.

  7. says

    Yes, that’s a mortar, not a rocket launcher. Since mortar rounds follow an arcing trajectory there wouldn’t be any point in putting depleted uranium in them; it’d decrease the range.

    BTW, depleted uranium is toxic and, as a toxin is illegal to put in a weapons payload; it violates various chemical weapons agreements. The US military interprets them as not applying, of course, and used it heavily in Iraq. There are a lot of reports of problems caused by toxicity (but they don’t match what you’d expect so I largely discount them) – still it’s disturbing that the US military would field stuff like that without any international or public discussion; it just “sort of happened” because the boys in the pentagon had the toys, they used them on the first poor bastards who stuck their hand up.

  8. Peter Hilton says

    That looks a whole lot less Norwegian than most Jesus depictions I’ve seen. Maybe Dutch?

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