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The Dayna Morales story looks worse than ever. Huffington Post reports.

The waitress who posted an image of “anti-gay” receipt, and who received thousands of dollars in donations because of it, has been suspended from her job in New Jersey pending an ongoing investigation.

Claims she made about donating the money to charity have also come into question.

If she didn’t donate the money…she could be in serious trouble now, I’m guessing. That would be fraud; bilking people of money.

On Tuesday, the Asbury Park Press noted Morales has been suspended from her position at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, N.J.

“Ms. Morales is currently not on our employee schedule while are still working to complete our investigation,” the restaurant posted on Facebook Nov. 29.

The investigation is set to be complete “very soon,” according to the Asbury Park Press.

In her original post about the alleged incident, Morales wrote “I served in the Marines to keep ignorant people like them free.” She said she intended to donate the money she received from supporters around the world to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Now, Bridgewater Patch is reporting Morales’ supposed donation could not be verified with the Wounded Warrior Project as of Wednesday. A representative from the nonprofit checked for donations under her name and zip code and found no matches. However, the rep noted the donation could’ve been made under a different name or zip code.

Sigh. Way to poison the well, Dayna Morales.


  1. Wylann says

    Nate, I’m guessing this person saw previous similar (and real) instances, noticed that with widespread publicity, those people got a lot of “fame” (15 minutes or otherwise), and not an insignificant amount of money in donations. Probably thought she could get away with doing the same. While it’s possible that there’s some other motive like some false flag type operation, I’d bet it’s simple greed/need (she’s a waitress, not exactly raking in the $$$, probably).

  2. says

    Again, until the restaurant investigation is finished we cannot say she definitely made it up. So I’m not personally comfortable condemning her over yet more rumour… Of course if she did make it all up then fair enuff, it would be a shitty thing to do. I think her totally destroyed reputation would be more than enough punishment however.

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