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    Lucky human, too. Imagine the anguish of thinking your poor dear Lab has drowned.

    And yes. When the rescuer with the Lab over his shoulder is struggling to find his footing on the rocks I found myself murmuring “Good rescuer, who’s a clever rescuer then…”

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    That surely was one lucky lab who was spotted on a nearby reef, and brought to safety. The owner will doubtless think twice about walking too near the water’s edge again. What a sigh of relief for the owner. The rescue crew must be real proud.

    I saw a photo of a dog today on Twitter. It was rescued from a river, and led to safety by two wee boys, who were clinging desperately to a sloping bank whilst holding each end of a large stick. A brave task indeed.

    I visited a couple in Co. Cork last year. They also have a yellow lab. Such an adorable breed.

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