1. says

    Thanks for reposting this, Ophelia. This strip happened just as I was about to start writing something about this for you here at B&W. The first line was going to be something like, “The incident could have come straight out of a Jesus & Mo comic.” And then I got sidetracked!

  2. rnilsson says

    Can this be printed on t-shirts and distributed around LSE?
    I’d gladly donate some dough to the dough cause, in Maryam’s name.
    Hey, is that a slogan: Dough for J & Mough? … No. Still.

  3. says

    Hahahahahaha Author – I imagine that happens to you a lot!

    Normally I wait at least several days before reposting a toon, so as not to divert the first flood, but in this case it was more a matter of all standing together kind of thing.

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