Friday at the CFI Summit

Here I am. The panel I was on was this morning, and it was good fun. I went last so I thought I might as well tease everyone by preaching on the sermon “Reason isn’t everything.” Surprisingly, though, no one objected (that I heard, anyway).

Ron Lindsay just did an excellent talk on the 10 Commandments. He said just what I think, so naturally it was excellent.

Michael DeDora and I had a chat about movements and allies and rifts and working together.


  1. BJ Turner says

    Here at CFI Summit I appreciated your philosophical viewpoint. To start with, it’s evident, as you say that people in either camp, skeptics or humanists, are in “ever present danger of being a jerk”! Yes, and secularism does need to claim a larger territory and be more concerned with human rights. We cannot be effective just being against things. “Part of being rational is to understand the role of emotion.”

  2. Samuel Vimes says

    So…are we still pissed at Ron Lindsay and the CFI, or not? I don’t recall any apology worthy of the word, but I may very well have missed it.

  3. jflcroft says

    Doubtful. CfI seems to always take AGES to publish video. I’m still waiting on a talk I gave 18 months ago 😉

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