Comrade Baba Omojola

A giant of the Nigerian left and a beloved friend of Yemisi’s died suddenly today. From Sahara Reporters:

A renowned pro-democracy activist and prominent economist, Baba Omojola, has died in Akure, the capital of Ondo State.

Mr. Omojola, who earned a PhD, died a few hours after submitting a presentation to the National Dialogue Committee in Ondo State early today.

Baba, as he was famously known, was a prominent figure during Nigeria’s pro-democracy struggles of the late and early 1990s.

Mr. Omojola was one of five activists known as “Kuje Five” who were arrested and clamped into military detention after Nigerian students engaged in massive protests to force out the Ibrahim Babangida dictatorship in 1992.

Photo: It is indeed a sad day for me. I was about to call Baba Omojola this afternoon when I was informed he died in the early hours of today in Akure, a few hours after submitting a presentation to the National Dialogue Committee in Ondo State, Nigeria.

Baba Omojola was so many things to me; he was also a succor to my family at a time of need.

He was the rock of many comrades, his home was home to everyone and no one was ever turned away from his door. 

He maintained an open house filled with love, healthy food and vigorous political debates. Unfortunately many who benefited from his large heart never really reciprocated the generosity of this great comrade. 

He was honest to a fault and committed to Yoruba land, to Nigeria, to Africa and to humanity with such a fierce passion that words could never describe. 

He was an Economist par excellence, a foremost labour leader, a staunch defender of the right of the poor to a better living condition and a Marxist who practiced what he preached by opening his door to those in needs.  

Baba Oluwide Omojola, you have done your time, you served humanity with passion, always concerned about the downtrodden, never tired of engaging productively in pragmatic ways forward and you lived life to the fullest in the service of your Motherland.

Baba, my heart is heavy and I already miss you and I know I will always miss you. Now that you are gone, who will call me Tolulope Abike mi? Thank you for the love, the care and the selfless service to humanity. Rest in Peace for your legacy lives on.


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