1. sambarge says

    How about this on a card:

    I’m actually just a casual fan of most sci-fi and fantasy series. I enjoy watching them for entertainment but I have not memorized the many universes of X-men and only know they exist because my daughter occasionally mentions them. That does not lessen my value as a human being or make my money any less welcome to the artists creating the stories/movies/comic books/etc. Actually, there are more people like me keeping the merchandise you adore on the shelves than people like you. I’m a geek about things like working class history and labour law. Do you want to know all that I know about those topics? No? I’m not surprised. Well, guess what I don’t want to know about – Spiderman. Or your cosplay character. Or any other topic you geek out over. I’m glad you enjoy them but I’m not interested and I don’t judge you harshly for being so inclined. All I ask is the same.

    My humanity is not up for your judgement. Even though I’m female.

    That probably wouldn’t fit on a card.

  2. arthur says

    I hate “geek” culture.

    At least I hate what I think is geek culture: comic books, video games, sci-fi and all that awful stuff.

    I really understand how geek culture it got so entangled in the atheist movement.

    Thought I’d just add that!

  3. says

    I love labor history.

    I’m always meaning to start reading threads. Sometimes I even do it. Maybe we should do some labor history threads.

    My brother’s late wife was a labor historian.

  4. rnilsson says

    But but … the cake is a lie? Isn’t it?
    Portally. Or I’m tone deaf. Yeah, that’s it.
    Don’t panic.

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