1. says

    Needs a nice round of ‘The Last Post’ or similar, too, seems to me. Brave heroes, ‘n all.

    (Now where can I find the world’s tiniest bugle…)

  2. left0ver1under says

    I went to look at it, but “the content is unavailable”.

    One has to wonder if facebook’s servers overloaded, or did the whining harassers “report” the picture enough to get it banned?

  3. Bjarte Foshaug says

    @left0ver1under #12

    I went to look at it, but “the content is unavailable”.

    Probably because I hadn’t made it publicly available. It should be fixed now.
    If not you can also find the same picture here. 🙂

  4. Donnie says

    @7: Aratina Cage

    Hashtags to hashtags. Tweets–to tweets. *wipes away a tear*

    Classic! Anyone talented in the ways of playing the bagpipes to record a suitable dirge in memory of freeze peaches?

  5. says

    Hey, sweet! I just made the slimers’ ‘I know you are but what am I?’ block list. And seein’ as I relatively rarely even bother to comment upon said brain trust, and am only on and off the net, especially lately, I’m gonna make a wild guess and figure just maybe my being in this thread had something to do with it.

    … anyway, listen, people, in hopes this gets to the right set of sadly scrambled neurons out there, I really gotta say: I just barely feel worthy, here! This was really a side project, very underfinanced, pretty much thrown together, a little thing we were just doing for the love. So me and the rest of the crew really didn’t figure we’d get this sort of deeply kind recognition…

    Man. Wow! I’m breathless, here. Sorry. It’s just such a thing!

    Anyway, accordingly, I feel I must effusively thank whoever so kindly recognized my work, here. Really, it’s an honour just to be nominated. To be standing here actually holding the statuette, it’s just… (Fans self…) Oh, also, and I’d also like to thank my Mom, the academy, the caterers, all the crazy, beautiful people who were part of this thing!

    (Blows kisses in all directions…)

    Mwuh! Mwuh! I love you all!!! What do you mean ‘out of time’? Awww….

    (Band starts playing…)

  6. says

    … oh, hey! And Sally, too! Thought I’d seen that somewhere around here…

    Did you get a gift basket? Or is that just for runners-up? I haven’t seen one, so I figure it’s either that or the concierge ‘appropriated’ mine.

    (/Anyway. See you at the finalists-only soirée… In a bit. Seriously, this is cool and all, but I’m a bit unprepared, here. Didn’t even think to pack a tux.)

  7. says

    Rock of free speech, cleft for me,
    Let me spam my tweets with glee,
    Let the memes of my hate,
    from my photoshops eminate,
    Back to reddit, I will go,
    Until the mods there say “no-no”

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