1. leni says

    Funny 🙂

    This one from Steve Shives is also very very gratifying. Big finish, I highly recommend waiting for it. Also give it an upvote while your there if you like it, the MRAs have been working their usual shitty magic. I do recommend avoiding the comments, athough I did just enough to upvote some good ones that got downvoted by MRAs.

    (In the video above, Steve Shives is responding to a video response by everyone’s favorite jackass, Justicar, The original video that so outraged Justicar is here . It is also enjoyable and much shorter though less gratifying than the first vieo I posted.

    But please! No one utter that name again or quote this text! He’s like fucking Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary. Not a bloody mary, which is delicious and nutritious beverage, not a long winded, pedantic revenge ghost.)

  2. says

    leni @1 – I’m not even clicking your link before seconding your recommendation of Steve Shives. He’s one of my favorite YouTubers. Hell, his videos are what finally got me identifying as atheist.

  3. leni says

    Thanks, gworroll!

    I just discovered him maybe 2 days ago, so I was a bit worried that I suggested it even though I’ve only seen about 5 of his 600 some videos, But those two I posted were good enough I decided it was worth the risk.

  4. otrame says

    Thirding on Steve Shives. My favorites are his “An Atheist Reads…” various Christian apologetics books. My second favorite is his “Mail call” series in which he comments on the anonymous remarks published in his local paper. He is often hilarious and not infrequently displays a keen intellect.

  5. ismenia says

    I’m definitely going to watch more Dan Cardamon. First time I saw one of these he was so convincing that it was only towards the end that I was sure it was a satire.

  6. John Phillips, FCD says

    Must agree with Ophelia, Dan just gets better and better.

    Also, Leni, thanks for the link, yet another to find time for 🙂

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