1. stewart says

    “All atheists oppose rape when you can pin the blame on Christianity.”

    That comment seems to be emanating from someone with very clear ideas about both atheists and Christianity. Care to be more explicit?

  2. John Phillips, FCD says

    I assume he means that those in the atheoskeptic community defending skeptics would have no problem accepting just about any accusations if they were about xians, i.e. hypocrites.

  3. Acolyte of Sagan says

    #’s 4 & 5, ignore Ace of Sevens, who is just finding somebody new to annoy since getting banned over at Pharyngula last night.

    Back to the topic (sort of), I’ve got a telescope just like that one of God’s. His must have magic magnification on his though, since there’s no way mine could isolate an individual person from somewhere as far away as Fantasy Land Heaven, let alone resolve facial features.
    Bloody God, gets all the best kit 🙂

  4. Acolyte of Sagan says

    If this is a duplicate post, my apologies, but I just tried to post and my comment seems to have vanished in the mist, so – shorter version:
    Ignore Ace of Sevens, who is only here trying to be naughty because his/her sorry arse was banned after one assinine comment too far on the Fake Rape? comment thread over at Pharyngula last night.

  5. says

    My point was that there’s a large portion of the atheist community who will make all kinds of excuses for sexism and rape, but everyone’s on board when we get to talk about how religion encourages rape and sexism.

  6. stewart says

    Without even knowing that backstory, that is why I preferred not to assume, but to ask for clarification. I was mildly curious as to whether we had a drive-by sniper or someone actually prepared to explain and back up a statement. Also mildly curious as to whether assertions would be made about the intention behind the graphic, which could have provided a nice “Annie Hall”/McLuhan moment.

  7. stewart says

    There are non-believers who are guilty of that kind of thing, but there is no atheist founding text that encourages it. They have, if you like, less of an excuse for precisely that reason. That ought not to let theists off the hook in any way. The texts on which the major religions with which we are familiar are founded are not famous for regarding women as the equals of men, to understate matters more than a little; criticism of those religions on that score is not something that ought to require further justification. The particular blog on which you are now commenting is known for its opposition to atheist misogyny and its bedfellows. If the point of your comment was to imply that religion should be criticised with any less severity for its misogyny merely because there are also atheist misogynists, then I disagree.

    I tried to express this more succintly over at FB/GA a couple of weeks ago:

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